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Her Gentle Daddy, signed by Kate Oliver.


Sean Corbin still hasn’t found his perfect Little, the one who will blossom and thrive from the type of nurturing care he gives - he’s never been interested in the power struggle that many of his Daddy friends seem to love with their brats. He’s not a pushover, though. Sean has no trouble spanking the bottom of a naughty Little when he needs to.


Gabby Ellis has come to Seattle to find something that may not even exist. When it’s discovered that Gabby is living in her car, Sean is called on to offer the shy and anxious woman a safe place to stay. As Gabby grows closer to Sean, she begins to wonder if it’s all too good to be true. After all, she knows that monsters don’t always look like monsters.


Can Sean teach Gabby how to trust and allow him to take care of her in all the ways that she needs? Will Gabby find what she came looking for - or will she also find everything that she didn’t even know that she wanted?


Her Gentle Daddy (West Coast Daddies Book 4)

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