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Ruby's Forever Daddies, signed by Kate Oliver.

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Ruby’s been called a lot of things - too much of a brat, too emotional, too needy. She’s given up on ever meeting anyone who would actually stick around. The problem is, she’s not willing to give up on being a Little altogether. So when she discovers that there’s a club in her city where she can be a Little without a Daddy, she’s thrilled. Until her desire to brat and push buttons brings her to the attention of the stern owners of the club. Has Ruby finally met not one, but two Daddies that won’t give up on her?

Jace and Zane know something is missing in their lives, and they know what it is. They own a club that caters to Littles and their Daddies, and they love their job. They have each other - best friends since childhood. What they don’t have, is a Little of their own - someone to love, care for, and discipline. Will they ever find someone who needs not just one, but two overprotective Daddies?


Ruby's Forever Daddies (West Coast Daddies Book 5)

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