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Maddie's Daddy Crush, signed by Kate Oliver.

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Maddie Michaels has had a sheltered life living with her brother and his best friend after her mom died at a young age. When tragedy strikes, she is devastated and doesn’t know how to survive in the world by herself, so she decides to go to the one person she has left. The person she also happens to be madly in love with.

Ian Jacobs has had a pretty great life. He has his best friend, a successful career, more money than he could ever need, but the one thing he wants is off-limits, and now, she is living under his roof. Being close to Maddie all the time makes it even more difficult to suppress the Daddy in him that he has so badly wanted to unleash on her for years.

Will they be able to put aside their worries and realize how perfect they are for each other, or will Ian push her away into the arms of another man so that he doesn’t betray his best friend?


Maddie's Daddy Crush (West Coast Daddies Book 3)

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