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Kade, signed by Kate Oliver.


“Princess, do that again and see what happens…”


Remi is and always has been an MC baby. She’s never had a choice in the matter since her dad is a member of the Shadowridge Guardians MC. But she’s been avoiding the clubhouse as much as possible the past few years because every time she’s near Kade Beckham she can’t breathe properly, and she becomes a defensive brat toward him. When she starts getting threatening messages, though, he’s the first person she calls for help.


Kade loves his club and takes pride in protecting his brothers. He would do anything for the other members or their families. That’s his job after all. Enforcer. So when Remi calls him for help, he doesn’t hesitate, but he also knows he needs to keep a wide distance from the prickly little goth girl. But when he finds out her secret, however, he isn’t so sure he can stay away. She needs a protector and a Daddy, and he intends to be both.


She can toss that attitude all she wants, but he intends to make her his good girl.


Kade (Shadowridge Guardians MC Book 2)

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