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Jaxon, signed by Kate Oliver.


Who knew buying a run-down house would be so much work? It was hers, though, and while it might not be much, to Leah Day, it was perfect because it meant she was free from her cheating ex-husband. What she wasn’t prepared for was the roof to leak into her bedroom… She also wasn’t expecting her hot neighbor to come marching over to scold her for climbing onto the roof.

In the small town of Pine Hollow, life was good for Jaxon Sawyer. He had his best friends of over twenty years, his home, a job that paid all his bills, and his family. The only thing missing was someone to come home to, and unless he moved away to a bigger city, he likely wouldn’t find that anytime soon. Until she moved in next door, causing his Daddy radar to go wild.

Can she learn to trust him enough to call him Daddy, or will her insecurities ruin it all?

Jaxon (Daddies of Pine Hollow Book 1)

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