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Doc, signed by Kate Oliver.

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“Kitten, you’re riding a fine line and once you cross it, you’re going to be very sorry…”


Harper has just gotten her life back. After barely escaping her abusive ex-boyfriend, she’s finally found a place she thinks she can call home. Shadowridge feels safe, and safe is what she needs more than anything right now.


Doc’s convinced he’ll never find the one for him. After all, no one wants to deal with a man who is as scarred and damaged as he is. No Little wants to deal with waking up to her Daddy having nightmares on the regular. But when he helps the timid Little girl with the scraped knee and empty ice cream cone, he isn’t so sure he can walk away, even if it is the best thing for her.

Harper might have vowed to cut all romance from her life, but Doc knows what she needs, and he’s going to be the one to give it to her.

Doc (Shadowridge Guardians MC Book 4)

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