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Corrupting Cali:Declan's Story, signed by Kate Oliver.

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Cali Jenkins

She’s a good girl. A rule follower. Mature beyond her years, but not by choice. She’s always had to be the responsible one. The caretaker. The strong one. No one would ever know it, but sometimes she wishes things were different. When things take a devastating turn, she isn’t ready for the roller coaster that’s about to begin. She never expected to get mixed up with a devastatingly handsome yet terrifying mafia boss.


Declan Gilroy

He has everything. Money, power, respect, family. What else could he possibly want? Something he’s sure he will never find. After all, he's twisted and ruthless. Imagine his surprise when the timid little waitress approaches his table filled with the most dangerous men in Seattle and bravely demands a moment of his time. When she makes him an offer, there’s no way he can refuse. In fact, he can’t wait to say yes so he can corrupt her and make her call him Daddy.


Corrupting Cali (Syndicate Kings Book 1)

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