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Controlling Chloe:Bash's Story, signed by Kate Oliver.

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He’s my brother’s best friend and he saved me.
Now he says I’m his and he takes care of me in a way you wouldn’t expect from a ruthless mafia boss.
He also disciplines me when I’m naughty and makes me call him Daddy.
Do I want another man controlling my entire life?
I’m just not so sure he’ll let me go even if I wanted to.

I’ve had feelings for her for years, but I kept my distance because of who she is.
When I finally get the blessing I never expected, my feelings for her become an overpowering obsession.
I live and breathe to keep her happy and safe.
There are no boundaries when it comes to her.
And I’ll do anything to make her mine forever.

Controlling Chloe (Syndicate Kings Book 3)

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