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Beau, signed by Kate Oliver.

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That night, seven years ago, had been the worst night of her life. She had been attacked and would probably have been killed if it weren’t for him. Beau - the man who had killed for her. Of course, she had never forgotten him, and now she was ready to find him to thank him in person. What she hadn’t expected was how her body reacted to his presence and how his dominant personality made her finally feel safe.

When she walked into his gym, Beau recognized her at once. It had been seven years, and not a day had gone by without wondering if she was okay... But the eyes that looked back at him now weren't those of the wounded child he had rescued that night. She was an adult now, and everything about her made his protective Daddy instincts come to life, and he knew that the little girl he'd been searching for had found him. Could he convince her that he was the Daddy she so badly needed?


Beau (Daddies of the Shadows Book 3)

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