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Angel, signed by Kate Oliver.

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How could she be so stupid? She’d thought she’d found the Daddy of her dreams, but he’d ended up being the monster in her nightmares. Now she’s free from him and staying with her best friend until she can get back on her feet. The only problem is she’s painfully shy, especially around men, and her best friend’s huge boyfriend and his seven huge brothers are around constantly. When her ex starts making threats, she knows she should run again. There’s only one thing stopping her. And his name is Angel.


He never thought he could feel so protective of someone he’s never even met. But when he hears Nora’s soft voice over the phone, he knows he has to keep her safe, no matter what. Now, she’s staying at his brother’s house and seems too shy to speak to him–or to even look at him. And maybe that’s the way it has to be. But when danger follows her to Seattle, all bets are off, and he’s going to protect her whether she likes it or not.

Angel (Daddies of the Shadows Book 9)

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